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A Hunter’s Valentine | Kelly K Swart – Northwest Indiana Photographer

One of the things I love most about photography is being able to tell someone else’s story; Who they are, what they like, their personality, what’s important to them.  And sometimes when we’re telling their story they say “lets add camouflage”… and I feel like dancing! LOLIMG_0063 fb webFile158 fbFile239 fbFile233File170 fbFile185 fbIMG_0023 fb

Winter in Northwest Indiana |KellyK Photography – Kelly K Swart Photographer

When we planned a shoot to showcase winter and the area we call home, Northwest Indiana, also known as ‘the Region’ and ‘the Rust Belt’ (and those of us from here, affectionately known as ‘Region Rats’) little did we know winter would show up…and then some! It snowed, the wind howled out of the north, it was cold, the lake was tossing 15-20′ sets, and crazy Region Rats were surfing in 30 degree temps!! Ah, home! We shot fast and Miss Linda was a super tough AWESOME model!! I just love the images we got! It was definitely worth a few minutes of discomfort! <3

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The Team | KellyK Photography – Northwest Indiana Photographer

I had an awesome time shooting with Samantha and Julianne this morning! We were able to chat about upcoming shoots, and the plans and changes for the team going forward, toss around new ideas and trends, and most importantly, shoot!! LOL One of the things that I love most about the KKP Spokes Model Team, and for which I am most proud, is that it brings together students from all over, who work together, encourage each other and form amazing friendships with each other. It’s amazing to watch and I feel blessed to be a part. <3IMG_0003 fbIMG_0038IMG_0025IMG_0085IMG_0104IMG_0140IMG_0084IMG_0012

Seniors – BOOKING NOW!! | KellyK Swart Photographer – Northwest Indiana

Only a few Spring sessions left for 2015!! Class of 2016, it’s not too early to start planning for your Senior portraits. Autumn is the favored time in our area and September-November sessions are usually booked solid by June!! Be sure to reserve your date soon:)

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